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Dec 16, 2009 · The federal law regulating tap water is so out of date that the water Americans drink can pose serious health risks.

Jul 27, 2007 · PepsiCo Inc. will spell out that its Aquafina bottled water is made with tap water, a concession to the growing environmental and political opposition to

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How safe is the drinking water in Dubai? Can you drink water straight from the tap? Is it better to install a filter or drink bottled water

How much do you know about your drinking water quality? Is tap water or bottled water safer? Learn more here from WebMD.

EWG’s drinking water quality analysis found more than 200 contaminants with no enforceable safety limits in United States tap water.

Tap water (running water, city water, town water, municipal water, etc.) is water supplied to a tap (valve). Its uses include drinking, washing, cooking, and the

Spring water and filtered water are good for you, while tap water, bottled water, vitamin water, and distilled water put your health in danger.

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Lots of people think drinking bottled water is safer. Is it?

Bottled water is expensive, harmful to the environment, and impure – which is why manufacturers often refuse to divulge how their drinking water is produced.

The human body is comprised of 70% water, so it’s not much of a stretch to say that

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