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gender In many other languages, especially the Romance languages (such as French, Spanish, and Italian), a large number of nouns are coded as being either feminine or

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How to Use Gender Inclusive Language. Gendered language tends to perpetuate gender stereotypes. In addition, it subtly reinforces the idea that men are superior to

Gender-neutral language or gender-inclusive language is language that avoids bias toward a particular sex or social gender. In English, this includes use of nouns

Dec 27, 2013 · Prominent scholar Deborah Tannen discusses gender-specific language rituals in ren at play.

Contents | Index | Previous | Next Gender Neutral Language The use of gender-neutral language may seem unnecessary to some writers, but the consistent use of

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A abortion . A procedure to intentionally end a pregnancy before a birth. Miscarriage is also sometimes called “spontaneous abortion,” even though it is usually not

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Revised 2002, Women in Literacy and Life Assembly (WILLA); Formerly “Guidelines for Nonsexist Use of Language in NCTE Publications”; Revised 1985; Created 1975

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Since the social sciences now distinguish between biologically defined sex and socially constructed gender, the term gender is now also sometimes used by linguists to

The guest speaker, who is an educator, author, filmmaker, and cultural theorist with a PhD from UCLA, offered powerful examples to support his argument that language

Gender and sex Sex: a biological condition, i.e. defined as a set of physical characteristics Gender: a social construct (within the fields of cultural and gender

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