Clean Before Anal Sex

Posted by DarbyVassallo on 11th April 2016 in Best Sex Ever

We offer some tips and advice about initiating anal sex, and how to make it as pleasurable as possible.

Douching 101 Every time I talk about anal sex with straight people, especially with pure and innocent ladies, the first question they ask me is “does it

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What 9 Women Wish They Knew About Anal Sex Before They Tried It Bypass any anal obstacles with this advice. By Zahra Barnes July 23, 2015

WebMD discusses the safety and health concerns associated with anal sex.

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Anal Sex Anal sex is often confused with sodomy. In actuality, the two are quite distinct. Sodomy refers to a moral crime (engaging in “unnatural” sexual acts) and/or

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Dec 09, 2012 · Video embedded · Don’t Forget to Wash Your Ass Before Have A Sex and Use Condom ONLY. Marry X-mas & Happy New Year 2013! WARNING: this is for gay Bottoms.. “GAYS” …

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Bowel Movements It’s a good idea to have a bowel movement at least an hour before anal sex (if possible).

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The Best Info on How to Clean Your Ass for great anal sex!

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If you’re going to have anal sex with your partner for the first time, it’s important to clean your ass properly before to stop any embarrassing mishaps.

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